About Balloon Classes Online...

Ben and Billy have taught over 350 students at Balloon Training Institutes Hands On Classic Balloon Decor Classes held in hotels in Gatlinburg with now our own new facility here in Sevierville. We have enjoyed meeting students from all over the world such as Finland, Haiti, Barbados, Africa and more, resulting in a high success rate for these students.  

Balloon Training Institute was designed as a business investment for those wanting a home based or low cost business opportunity with a high return on investment. However we needed to look at alternatives and make it affordable for all students that had a dream of owning their own business achievable. We proudly introduce alloonClassesOnline, a whole new learning experience to make dreams a reality!  

What you will learn

We teach and you will learn, the brands and sizes of balloons, how to inflate along with the different brands of equipment to use, then we start slow... learn how to make sell able pieces such as topiaries, columns, arches, centerpieces, backdrop walls, tunnels, balloon drops, balloon sculptures such as the Cinderella carriage, dance floors and more. 

We even teach and keep you up on new trends such as organic swags, arches and other breathtaking pieces! Then we go into framework, building base plates, arch frames, the behind the scenes of balloon professionals. Marketing, pricing, profits and sales are covered, we provide you with the sources of supplies and software programs to operate your new business. 

Finally we teach you how to make money, full time, part time any way you wish to create additional income. This is great for Churches, High School Proms and Corporate events to! Come join us on our journey that you will learn a new life skill you will have forever!

Our Home Study Program is 13 months long program that you can accelerate by using our Fast Track system...

We are with you every step of the way! You get support with your home study course as well! You will have your own online portal to submit your work pictures and receive our online tests. You are able to submit a support ticket with questions along with getting new fresh ideas and products! Our Balloon Mentor® program, we are with you every step of the way!

On Line Class schedule - Our Home Study Program is 48 hours total with the 13th segment being the Final Exam, and YES you do get a diploma! However no one wishes to sit down and watch a 4 hour webinar, so we are splitting this into one hour sessions... each month payment will give you content equal to 4 hours. When you complete your course and take a rigid final exam, you them will receive a beautiful framed diploma into the Institute of Classic Balloon Decor, a Balloon Training Institute exclusive!

We will provide Class Notes, Portfolio pictures, Material List and Recipes and much more....

International Students are welcome, our classes are English only, some materials etc may not be available in your areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this the same course offered by Balloon Training Institute? Yes and MORE! However you will not get the in classroom hands on experience as offered by Balloon Training Institute, however when you get your diploma after the home study course, you will be offered to attend our Hands On Classroom Training at a discount! 
  • Will you list a curriculum of exactly what is included in the program? No, due to the success of Balloon Training Institute, we do not publish materials for others to copy.
  • I wish to cancel my subscription, how is that handled? There may be a reinstatement fee if you wish to continue in the future. One time payments are non cancel able and will not be refunded.
  • I see you have and sell other DVDs, are those included? No, these are available at an additional cost, this program is only for the Home Study Course provided exclusively by Balloon Training Institute.
  • Will my sessions be live? We film our material, but because some students do not wish to wait a year, we will have them available for playback once we go in production. 
  • Does it take a year to complete my program? No, absolutely not.. we will have completed the sessions, so that you can learn the whole program in just a few short months. You then are required to pay for the months sessions you are wanting to work on.